Advanced Solutions Co is a MENA Boutique Consulting & Training Firm, formed 2012 by multinational consultants, combining global experience with in-depth knowledge of the local culture. leveraged by unique international experience in providing wide range of services in

..Project Management
..Professional Training & Coaching


OUR Competitive Advantage

Being a Trusted Advisor/Partner for all our clients (our advocates now ) is our competitive advantage. We always deliver beyond contract up to satisfaction, strategic partnership is our strategic cruise through the Economy of Fast + Innovation.

OUR Solution Domains

Our solutions are tailored to client’s needs, at the intersection of business & Technology [Strategy Execution, Change and Operation Management, Business Apps, BI Data Science, Digital & Media ...]
Industries [Smart-City, Telecom, Digital, Broadcast,, Retail ...]


Data Management
Transformation Consulting

Expert-Led consulting services; Strategy crafting & Execution, Technology & Automation, Cross functional operation, Digital, Data Science
(more ..)

PMO | Program | Project Management

Variety of change management services; EPMO/PMO, Portfolio, Programme, Project, Performance
(more ..)


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